Why Choose Tessarella Jewellery?

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants” – Coco Chanel”

There’s only one of you after all.

Imperfectly perfect. Your peculiarities, quirky personality traits, funny way of doing certain things; it’s what makes you you.

Sisters Anna & Contessa are very different, and they more than most, appreciate that all women are. Together they represent “Tessarella” an exclusive distinctive label.

The clothing, makeup and accessories you wear all speak to who you are. They’re an extension of you. A tangible expression of your personality…your individuality!

Tessarella specialises in custom-made, handcrafted jewellery. Incorporating exquisite Swarovski elements and vibrant rhinestones (amongst other things!) their contemporary, innovative and glamorous designs draw inspiration from the girls’ unique personalities, serving to create jewellery that you’ll be excited to wear, because it’s not only beautiful, it’s an extension of you.

With their exceptional craftsmanship and signature personalised service they offer the ultimate in red carpet glamour to their clients.

Tessarella: Beautiful jewellery for real women

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