Corporate Social Responsibility

What’s the point of being in business if you can’t make a difference?

Many people need encouragement, and we believe everyone lucky enough to be on this earth has an obligation to help others. After all, we all come from love and will return to it, so why not spread a little while we’re here.

To that end, there are many deserving charities and NFPs.

We celebrate women, recognising the vital roles they play in society on a multitude of levels. We champion them. We support and encourage them. The last thing we want, is for them to be abused, stalked, harassed, made homeless, maimed or killed. Abuse isn’t acceptable in any form.

Self-expression and freedom of choice are often taken for granted. They shouldn’t be, because not everyone enjoys them. There are so many distractions and pressures in today’s world. The gap between the haves and the have nots is growing. The wonderful thing however, is that you can change your circumstances in an instant. The simple desire to have more, be more, play more is a choice.  In a moment, you can recalibrate and set more positive intentions. Lead by example. In fact… be the example to others and make a difference for the better.

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