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Ladies, have you ever wanted to own your own business without having to invest much money or having to adhere to someone else’s sales targets? Or be forced to hold meetings/get-togethers and have sales targets imposed upon you. What if we told you that investing in Unique Statement (“US”) will provide you with the opportunity to look fabulous and sell what you wear when people – and they will – compliment you on your jewellery and ask “where they can buy it?”

Every day, you make a statement. Often more than one. From the way you look, to the way you talk to people, you’re telling others who you are and what you’re about. The statements you make can be anything from “I’m amazing” to “I don’t care”. But rest assured, you are always making them. It’s up to you whether they’re positive or not?

We certainly want them to be. After all, what’s the point of being anything but a fabulous you? Don’t let people assume who you are and what you stand for…show them! With our beautiful handmade statement jewellery, you can be all the wonderful things you want to be from one moment to the next. From everyday to evening, from glam to gown; we’ll help you, your friends and family, make the right statement. Anywhere. Anytime.

Very few of us have ‘enough’ beautiful jewellery. Worse still most of us are overworked, under pressure, time poor, under resourced (in many areas) and underappreciated! Tessarella jewellery won’t give you more time, or take care of the ironing or house cleaning, but our Independent Business Owner (“IBO”) program can give you more money, and, greater freedom of choice. The jewellery makes a statement and best of all, it sells itself, allowing you to make money whether you focus full-time on US, or treat it as a casual enterprise.

US is the perfect union of aesthetics and economics. Our program allows you to look amazing and earn money without even actively selling the product. Obviously, like anything, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it, but you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to. Just enjoy the beautiful pieces, because once signed up, you purchase any of our jewellery for half price as a wholesaler for life (unless we part company of course & for that to happen, you’d have to be very bad!)

We’re all about transparency and collaboration, so please have a look at our product and likewise, our Wholesaler/IBO Agreement, which is online for you to read. Feel free to ask any questions via our contact section. The opportunity is really straight forward: If you want to make a statement and/or want to make money whilst looking great (without any pressure whatsoever), then we want you to join US! Simply submit the application form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange an informal meet and greet over a champagne or coffee…or Skype if you can’t come to Alexandria. If there’s mutual love, you’re very welcome to join US!


$1,280 is all you pay to become an IBO and that fee can be shared amongst friends/family.  Better still, you can make the investment in four monthly instalments of $320 and get your jewellery straight away!

You select 21 pieces of beautiful handmade jewellery from the various options we provide and we’ll give you a very stylish carry case, perfect for storing your product.

You can sell or keep, all of the jewellery.

You can buy jewellery for the life of our association at wholesale prices, which is 50% or less than the RRP.

You can sell product at RRP without any pressure or sales targets.  We know how good our product is and we know how many women love it.  Just wear it and it will sell itself!

View the Unique Statement IBO Agreement – [Click here]


We’re really happy to see you here and we’d love to learn a bit about you. Please take a minute or two to complete the following…

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