About Us Housemates

Alexandria-based Tessarella House handmakes it’s jewellery using only the finest Swarovski crystals and elements right here in Australia. Its unique designs are inspired by local themes and tones. From bridal and evening wear to every day and street style product, we offer a broad and exciting array of earrings, cuffs, rings, necklaces, bracelets, headpieces, hairpins, anklets, chokers, bangles and body jewellery; all statement pieces, made to make the wearer feel confident and happy!

Our high quality artisan products are designed and made with love and the inspiration with which they are created is conveyed in an empowering way to the wearer. Whether you’re simply wanting to enhance your look, make a lifestyle statement or looking to bling up for a party or special occasion, we have a huge selection of pieces and, if you can’t find what you want, we offer a bespoke service – which means we will make jewellery specifically for you!

Accessorise with confidence. Empower yourself. Have more people ask; ‘where did you get that?’ than ever before. We make beautiful jewellery for real women and we appreciate that real women come in all ‘attitudes’. And so they should! Our moods vary and so does our need to express. With Tessarella House’s jewellery you can be, and say, whatever you want, at any time of the day. Get noticed for the right reasons!

Let’s introduce you to the team.

Anna ‘Dancing Queen’ Nicolaou
Designer / Co-founder
She loves ABBA , she loves designing and making beautiful statement jewellery AND, she does her best work when the music’s turned up loud! One of the two founders of Tessarella House, Anna’s our very own ‘Super Trouper’ who ‘When All Is Said and Done’ loves to make ‘Ring Ring’(s)…and other fabulous contemporary and abstract pieces!
Contessa ‘Little Black Dress’ Nicolaou
Designer / Co-founder
Co-founder and resident sweet tooth Contessa loves a frock (almost as much as she loves candy) and shuns pants – even when soldering, and running the risk of ‘thigh burns’. As fearless in her approach to design as she is soldering, her work is Hollywood Glam and red carpet meets a bag of mixed lollies i.e. she loves to use vibrant colours! You could say her work is “delicious”.
Nic ‘Master Unicorn’ Karandonis
Public Relations / Business Development
He sprinkles magical stardust and makes us laugh with his irreverent take on the world. Readily sharing his opinions – which he believes everyone is entitled to – Nic is responsible for Communications, PR and Business Development and why wouldn’t he be? He’s a unicorn after all!
Anna ‘A2’ Giannos
Swiss Army Knife
The second Anna in our house and, as good for you as A2 milk, she is our Girl Friday – the multipurpose, talented, hands-on-I’ll-do-whatever-needs-doing Swiss Army Knife every business needs. We’d say she’s the glue that holds the place together, but there is actually glue that does that.
Janelle ‘The Machine’ Wymer
Not many women would appreciate being called a “machine” but Janelle isn’t like other women. She’s driven to achieve. A wonderful blend of creative & industrious, if she had been working in ancient Rome, it may well have been built in a day! A brilliant jeweller, coworker and most importantly – person…even though we really do suspect she’s part machine!
David ‘The Spaniard’ Regueira
Visual Creative
Aside from making the best paella this side of Valencia, David’s creative gifts extend beyond the kitchen, to all things visual. He makes videos, creates websites, is a brilliant photographer and is doing his best to repress a film-maker struggling desperately to get out…for now.
Frank ‘The Maltese Cherub‘ Farrugia
Our very own cherub, Frank is not only cute and cuddly, he’s a fantastic photographer and responsible for patiently letting us commandeer his Tessarella photo shoots without getting angry and biting anyone’s ankles. Did we mention he’s short? And whilst he’s not much taller than a garden gnome, he’s certainly more loving, interesting and talented…well, more than most we’ve encountered anyway!
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